Looking for a Dentist near Bardwell Park?


Seeking for professional help for your teeth or any other dental related problems? Bardwell Park is home to several dental care clinics that can help you with your dilemma. Just 18.7 kilometers away from the busy downtown Sydney is Bardwell Park. Direct departs every 15 minutes from Sydney to Bardwell Park. The journey between these locations takes only 34 minutes.


Dentist in Bardwell Park


There are several dental clinics located in Bardwell Park. Earlwood Dental Care is located in the area and can attend to your professional dental needs.


Why Earlwood Dental? 


When looking for a dental service provider or professional, it is important to find someone who genuinely sympathizes with your dental needs. A family oriented dental clinic would be advisable for families to be able to ensure that even their young kids are being carefully taken care of. Earlwood Dental Care is one of the leading family friendly dental clinics located in Bardwell Park area. Our dental service providers would want to see the confidence back with your smile and your whole well-being. Earlwood Dental Care genuinely cares for you and your dental needs.


Services and Treatments


Known as family friendly dental brand in Bardwell Park area, Earlwood Dental Care focuses on several dental treatments  and services. Out staff and dentists are experienced and professionally licensed health practitioners that helps in evaluating the total wellness of your teeth and dental hygiene. Our clinic provides hygiene services, tooth extraction, cosmetic teeth bonding, dental implants and other dental treatments that focuses on major problems. We cater for both the young and old and is equipped with the most modern and efficient facilities and equipment in dental care.


Trainings and years of experience is what makes Earlwood Dental Care standout from others. We also provide information on our clients for them to fully understand the services and treatments required to bring back the confidence in their smiles.




Get the latest reviews and see what our clients are saying about Earlwood Dental Care by heading to our testimonial and reviews page.


Top Things to Do in Bardwell Park


Nature adventures and indoor entertainment are a few of the interesting things you can do and enjoy in  Bardwell Park. Tours, musical entertainment and wine tasting can be easily accessed around the region. The region is a great destination for families or group of friends wanting to spend a great adventure both indoors and outdoors. Organic farms and markets are also a dime a dozen in the region for you to explore.


Get your running shoes or hiking shoes ready and head to the Wolli Creek Walking Track to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views of the region.


Do you love mysteries and solving clues? The Cipher Room and the Second Telling Missions would offer great indoor entertainment for you.


Looking to be close to marine life in Bardwell Park? Abyss Scuba Diving would provide you with this fun and educational experience.


Pick a partner and prepare to win as you challenge your friends on a game of tag at Laser Siege of at the Die Hard Indoor Paintball. 


Meet fellow enthusiasts and take stunning pictures together with The Aperture Club, one of the most interesting communities near Bardwell Park.


Bardwell Park Suburb Profile


Population: 2,266

Australian Natives: 62.7%

Dentists in Bardwell Park: 23

Nearby suburbs:


  • Bexley North
  • Clemton Park
  • Tempe
  • Bardwell Park


Bardwell Park is a suburb located at the southern portion of Sydney near Bardwell Valley. Originally a highly- wooded area, the region later on became a predominantly residential area after that train rails reached the region.  Natural tourist attractions are mainly the top destinations in the region with several parks and natural reserves to boasts. One fun fact about the region is that they only had traffic lights installed and turned on in 2016.