Looking for a Dentist near Belmore?


Taking good care of your teeth may require dental help. If you are located near Belmore, you can head to Earlwood Dental Care to get the service that you need. Located just 14 minutes away, roughly 6 kilometers from Bardwell Park is Belmore. From Sydney, it will take you a short 28 minutes from the main downtown to Belmore via M1 and M5.  


Dentist in Belmore


There are around 5 dentists and dental clinics located in Belmore. Earlwood Dental Care is one of these professional clinics  located in Earlwood, New South Wales.


Why Earlwood Dental? 


For all your dental and health needs, it would be essential to work with clinics that provides licensed and trained services. This is what makes Earlwood Dental Care different from other dental clinics. We continuously educate and train our staff and professionals with the latest trends in dental technology to be able to provide the safest and the best services to our growing number of clients. Earlwood Dental Care treats clients as family, we genuinely care for your overall dental health and value the confidence that you achieve whenever we provide you with the dental care right for your needs.


Services and Treatments


Earlwood Dental Care is a family oriented service that focuses on the dental health of families in Belmore and the rest of New South Wales. We are one of the best providers of dental services in the region which includes dental checkups and hygiene treatments, tooth extraction, cosmetic teeth treatments such as dental fillings, dental implants and the like. We also provide focused dental treatments and services according to your needs and requirements. It is also our mission to educate our clients with the services and procedures that we offer to be able to give them a better picture of what to expect from our trained experts.


Our dentists and staff in Earlwood Dental Care values the trust that reciprocates our efforts to provide nothing less but the best service and experience for our clients. We make it  a point to remove the dread and fear that comes with appointments to the dental clinic.




Our clients in Earlwood Dental Cares shares their stories and experiences they have with our dentists. Our testimonial page is just a click away.


Top Things to Do in Belmore


Belmore is a fun destination where you can enjoy sight-seeing as well as devour on the best selections of dining and drinking options in the region. Whether  you enjoy Italian food or would want to simply grab and then go around the other scenic and entertainment areas in the region, you can find something perfectly suited for you. Gourmet getaway tours is also a favorite recreational and dining experience in the region.


Take souvenir pictures of your stay in Belmore during your Country Trails Private Tour in the region. You’ll see most of the favorite scenic destinations in the region during the tour.


Stunning architecture and mesmerizing art infused with culture is featured at the facade of the Othman Bin Affan Mosque. Take souvenir photos is you must.


Conquer and see the scenic and colorful nightlife in Belmore via Troll Tours. The experience will give you a unique view of the suburb and the nearby city.


Enjoy a more natural scenic view of Belmore via the Show Me Sydney Travels. There’s plenty of unraveled and mysterious destinations to see and conquer in the region.


Indoor entertainment can be best experienced in the Olympic Stadium or the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink. Whether it’s raining or not, you’ll have a great time indoors in these areas.


Belmore Suburb Profile


Population: 12,718

Australian Natives: 43.7%

Dentists in Belmore: 23

Nearby suburbs:


  • Bexley North
  • Clemton Park
  • Tempe
  • Canterbury


Located just a shy 14 kilometers away from Sydney’s CBD is Belmore. Named after the fourth Earl of Belmore, the suburb is known for its many heritage listed destinations. This includes the Burwood Road located near the Belmore railway station. Art-deco is still alive and kicking in the region. Belmore is also a popular sporting destination and home to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, a team under the National Rugby League.