Looking for a Dentist near Bexley North 


Seeking for a professional dentists who can attend to your dental needs in Bexley North? Just 8 minutes from Earlwood will take you to Bexley North where several dental clinics and dental services are available. Bexley North is 21.6 kilometers away from Sydney and will take you at most a half hour drive to get to the suburban area from the city.


Dentist in Bexley North


Earlwood Dental Care is one of the nearest and most reliable dental clinics available near Bexley North. You can get your teeth checked in the clinic located in Earlwood, NSW.


Why Earlwood Dental? 


Earlwood Dental Care is one of the south after and trusted names in the dental industry in Australia. Our staff are well-trained and equipped with the current knowledge in dental services and our dentists are experienced professionals with complete licenses and registrations. At Earlwood Dental, we value that confidence that our clients give us. In return, we provide them with the latest technologies in dental hygiene and dental care to be able to achieve that perfect smile and give them their confidence back. Earlwood Dental Care genuinely cares for your teeth and for your well-being.


Services and Treatments


Here in Earlwood Dental Care, we focus on dental treatments for all ages. You can tag along with the whole family during teeth cleaning sessions or bring your kids without having to worry about getting services perfect for their age. We have it all here at Earlwood Dental. Our brand caters for the whole family and we provide a wide array of dental services perfect for your needs. Whether its tooth extraction, teeth cleaning or dental hygiene or cosmetic dental services. Our dentists also attends to dental fillings, veneers, dental implants, teeth bonding and other focused dental treatments you may require.


We value our clients and we would want to keep the trust and confidence that they reciprocate our services with. It is also our mission to provide our clients with the most stress free and relaxing visits. Our aim, to make dental visits fun visits for our clients.




The good reviews and testimonials that we receive from our clients is our bread and butter. Continue reading to know what our clients say about Earlwood Dental.


Top Things to Do in Bexley North


Bexley North brings you close to the most iconic local attractions in Australia. Get a glimpse of the famous Sydney Opera House while you stand on top of the Sydney Harbour Beach. Get a tan at Bondi Beach and Manly Beach or simply enjoy the crowd at Circular Quay. The food and dining scene is also a must experience in the region. There are plenty of recreational facilities and scenic destinations to see around Bexley North New South Wales.


Tagging kids along with your Bexley North visit? Head to the Taronga Zoo for a day of activities close with animals and other tourists.


Get to know the story behind the structure and discover the magic and mesmerize on the beauty of the Sydney Opera House through the guided tours available in the region.


Bring your food and dining experience on a higher level at the Sydney Tower Buffet. You are literally several feet above the air as you enjoy the sumptuous food in this iconic structure.


Get a tan, meet the locals, build a sandcastle or just simply enjoy a day between the sun and sand in the nearby beaches located around Bexley North.


Looking for a nice background for your souvenir photos? There are plenty of parks and colorful homes and mansions waiting for a snap together with you on camera.


Bexley North Suburb Profile



Australian Natives: 56.4%

Dentists in Bexley North: 23

Nearby suburbs:


  • Belmore
  • Bradley
  • Canterbury
  • Kingsgrove


A region in the St George area south of Sydney’s central business district is Bexley North. This suburb is mostly a residential area with several small shopping centers and small establishments located in the region. You can see several restaurants, specialty shops and cafes as you stroll around the vibrant and lively streets in the region. Getting around the area is quite easy with the Sydney Trains Network and State Transit Authority as transport in the area.