Looking for a Dentist near Canterbury?


Are you looking for a professional dentist who can take care of your teeth or attend to your dental woes in Canterbury? Located just a short 10.5 kilometers away from Sydney’s CBD is the stunning suburb of Canterbury. Simply take a train ride from Sydney’s Central station, change to Platform 22, and reach Canterbury in just a short 34 minutes.


Dentist in Canterbury


There are plenty of options for dentists located in Canterbury and in nearby suburbs. Earlwood Dental Care is one of them located in Earlwood, NSW.


Why Earlwood Dental? 


Having a trusted, reliable, and a dentist you’ll be comfortable with to take care of your teeth is what everybody wants from their dental care provider. This is more or less what you can find and experience with Earlwood Dental Care. A genuinely caring professional who will not only look after your teeth but your confidence and well-being as well. Ar Earlwood Dental, we pride ourselves with a genuine approach to our patients in providing the best treatment possible and needed for their circumstance, equipped with thorough explanations and a professional yet friendly assurance.


Services and Treatments


Looking after families is what Earlwood Dental Care focuses on. The service is built around the mission of providing the best service for local families and individuals in Canterbury. Being enthusiastic with the profession by nature, it is very easy to build trust and confidence with Earlwood Dental Care’s services, especially with our genuine intent of helping our patients. Our team will attend to all your dental requirements and more. We are your go-to clinic for basic cleaning and hygiene services, tooth extraction expertise, dental fillings, cosmetic teeth bonding like dental implants, and other focused dental treatments. 


Our dentists believe in providing value and trust to our clients. Educating our clients with the treatments that they are being provided with makes the experience a more carefree and comfortable one, removing the stigma and fear of visiting the dentist.




Still hesitant in booking an appointment with Earlwood Dental Care? Read what our clients have to say.


Top Things to Do in Canterbury 


Canterbury is a place of excitement and great dining experiences. Feel the excitement at the Canterbury Park Racecourse when you visit around the area. The place is known to be one of the premier racing destinations in the whole of Australia. Mount Hutt Ski Field is also a great destination to check out especially during winter time. Dine and explore the extravagant cuisine featured in the restaurants around the Canterbury area.


Shopping during Christmas time is one of the fun things to enjoy in Canterbury. There are plenty of Christmas stalls and markets available in this Sydney suburb during the holidays.


Trail parks, specifically the Cook Park Trail, is another exciting and fun activity to do while in the surrounds. You’ll walk through 6 local government areas during the whole of the trail adventure.


Enjoy great dining experiences by visiting Vecino. Known for their gourmet chicken and tacos, your palates are in for an adventure in this dining destination.


Head to the region during the Belly Dance Festivals and enjoy the festivity, the colours, music, and entertainment brought to you by the skilled and professional Belly Dancers in the region.


Are you in for some Asian Cuisine? Visit the Mama Wong Chinese Restaurants and have a full stomach before you head on an adventure in Canterbury.


Canterbury Suburb Profile 


Population: 7,233

Australian Natives: 43.6%

Dentists in Canterbury: 7

Nearby suburbs:


  • Ashbury
  • Campsie
  • Earlwood
  • Hurlstone Park


Canterbury is a suburb within the New South Wales region and is just a few minutes away from the bustling streets of Sydney’s CBD. The area is home to several heritage listed sites such as the Sugar House Road and the Bankstown Railway also known as the Canterbury Railway Station. Getting around the area is quite easy as it is considered as one of the major arterial routes in the region.