Looking for a Dentist near Dulwich Hill?


Do you need a dentist to check your teeth or would want to consult about cosmetic dental procedure near Dulwich Hill? Just a short 10 minutes away from Clemton Park and 22 minutes away from the busy streets of Sydney is Dulwich Hill. There are several dentists located in and around the area that can attend to your dental care.


Dentist in Dulwich Hill


Several dental clinics and dentists practice and provides services in and around Dulwich Hill. You can visit Earlwood Dental Care located just a few minutes away in Earlwood, NSW.


Why Earlwood Dental?


Without bias and complete honesty, Earlwood Dental Care, together with its professional dentists and staff believes in providing nothing less but the lates, the best and the most efficient dental treatments to protect and maintain your teeth. Equipped with the latest machines and technologies in dental care, we aim to provide services for the whole family and help families achieve healthy gums and teeth. Our team also provides empathy to those who had bad experiences with other dentists. We aim to make every experience a relaxing and worthwhile experience for your clients.


Services and Treatments


Earlwood Dental Care has a wide variety of expertise and services available for clients of all ages. Whether you are looking for someone who would help you with dental hygiene and regular checkups, or someone who would make a tooth extraction a less stressful experience for you. Earlwood Dental provides a comprehensive list of treatments that also includes wisdom teeth and dental crowns and bridges, cosmetic focused treatments, dental implants, white fillings and porcelain veneers. Earlwood dental is also a household name in teeth whitening and other aesthetic procedures for your teeth.


Our team of dentists and professionals are not only trained and equipped with the latest knowledge in dental care. We make every dentist visit a happier and stress free one as we try to eliminate the stigma and fear that comes with regular dental visits.




Our clients love us and shared inspiring stories and testimonials that keeps us motivated in giving the best service possible. Visit our testimonials page to learn more.


Top Things to Do in Dulwich Hill


Dulwich Hill is one of the suburbs located very close to Sydney’s CBD.  You can check out plenty of dining options with a wide array of flavors and cuisines to enjoy. Scenic attractions are also plenty and a day is not enough to get around and fully enjoy these destinations.  Dulwich Hill is also a great neighborhood to stay at, with several hotels ready to be your home away from home during your visit.


Enjoy the burst of flavors and spices inside your mouth as you explore and conquer the several food and dining offerings in Dulwich Hill area.


Get your cameras ready as you stroll around The Boulevard. The area features a beautiful brick tower with brick detail,  a trip back in the early 1900s that you will truly enjoy.


Restored homes and federations  houses are also plenty in the region. See the lead lit windows sparkle and be captivated with the carved wood features of these historic homes.


Colorful homes in Art Deco Style as well as several architecturally rich buildings brings you close to what the suburb has to offer in terms of culture and the arts.


Relax and simply enjoy the cool breeze and the warm sun overhead at the Johnson Park and the Hoskins Park located in Dulwich Hill.


Dulwich Hill Suburb Profile 


Population: 13,715

Australian Natives: 58.7%

Dentists in Canterbury: 23

Nearby suburbs:


  • Belmore
  • Bradley
  • Bexley
  • Kingsgrove


Located at the inner west region of Sydney is the Dulwich Hill suburb. The region took its name from a city in London, Dulwich and is known for having several shopping areas and shops to enjoy in the region. The region is home to the Dulwich High School that was the very first Visual Arts School founded in Australia. Getting around the area can be accessed via the railway station, light rails and public and private buses.