Looking for a Dentist near Kingsgrove?


Dental problems making it hard for you to gain the confidence you need in school, at work or in everyday life? You might want to consult a dentist in Kingsgrove to help you with this. Just a short 33 minute drive away from Sydney brings you to Kingsgrove. Sydney Trains operates from the busy downtown Sydney to Kingsgrove, although a taxi would take you faster to the area.


Dentist in Kingsgrove


Earlwood Dental Care  would be your best option when looking for dental services in the Kingsgrove area. This dental clinic is located in Earlwood, NSW.


Why Earlwood Dental? 


In getting a  professional dentist to take care of your teeth, it is essential to build confidence and trust with your dentist. The more comfortable you are with your dental care provider, the easier it will be to get the right dental care suited to your budget and needs. Earlwood Dental Care offers professional and genuine concern with your dental health. We are proud of how our professional dentists and staff connect and create a trustworthy experience with our clients. We educate our clients with how to take care of their teeth and in providing them with the best services possible and required to achieve the perfect and confident smile they desire.


Services and Treatments


At Earlwood Dental Care, we believe that it is essential to look after the dental health of the whole family. We believe that good dental hygiene and dental practices begin at home and extends through the family-oriented services that we provide here at Earlwood Dental Care. Enthusiastic with how our profession helps and changes the lives of your patients. To gain the trust, confidence and loyalty of our clients, we provide them with the right education on what our services offers, how it can help them and how it will make their experience in our dental clinics a pleasurable and less stressful one.


It is one of our missions to remove the initial impression that  dental visits are scary and stressful. Through our trained and experienced professionals, we provide accurate description of our services making it a better experience for our clients.




Scared of getting your teeth checked? Read further to know about what our clients in Earlwood Dental Care say about us.


Top Things to Do in Kingsgrove 


Kingsgrove is known for its numerous parks and gardens. A few of the famous parks you can check out in the region includes the Beaumont Park, Clemton Park and Smith Park. These areas offers wide open green spaces as well as several playground facilities families will enjoy during their visit. The region is also known as a nice pit stop where you can grab street foods and delectable meals and easily go around the area minus the hassle.


Tired and looking for a place to relax? The Cheerful Touch Thai Massage can provide you with the relaxation you need anytime you want.


Craving for potatoes and chips while  enjoying while in the area? The best hot potatoes can be found in the streets and sidewalks of Kingsgrove.


Dine inn good food while enjoying the relaxing and vibrant colors of the Art Cafe. Organic dishes and local produce are featured on the cafe.


Enjoy the weekend and enjoy a healthy and hearty Mediterranean meal at the Zanya’s Cafe.


A soccer or cricket fan? There are plenty of sporting items to see related to these favorite sport at Kingsgrove Sports.


Kingsgrove Suburb Profile 


Population: 12,446

Australian Natives: 55.3%

Dentists in Kingsgrove: 4

Nearby suburbs:


  • Canterburry
  • Clemton Park
  • Tempe
  • Bardwell Park


Located at the southern portion of Sydney, Kingsgrove is one of the suburbs of New South Wales and was originally named King’s Grove. Home to Alex Perry, a famous fashion designer and television personality, the region is also known to be the location of the Butler Reserve and the Beverly Grove Reserve. Transportation is quite easy in the region and well connected to both public transportation and highway roads.