Straighten your teeth with clear aligners

Advances in technology has allowed us to use clear aligners for straightening teeth. These aligners are transparent and almost naked to the eye, while the ability to remove them makes eating and enjoying drinks a lot simpler. Invisalign, SmileStyler and Clear Correct are our treatments of choice and are available for almost anyone.

Although similar, there are some differences between Invisalign, SmileStyler and Clear correct – book in with our dentists to see which one is best suited to you and your needs.

Recently in the practice, we have invested in digital technology which allows us to do a digital scan of the upper and lower arches of your mouth. No longer do we have to do the old impressions which can be uncomfortable. This means you get to see in real-time what the results of an impression would look like. After this scan is taken, we send it off to the lab to have it analysed. Once the results come back, we book you back in to have a look at a simulation of how your teeth would straighten over time while wearing the invisible aligners.

Check out our blog where you can follow Dr. Eleni’s own Clear Aligner journey. If you think that Clear Aligners could be for you, but you are worried about the cost – have a look at the Payment Plans we offer as it could work out to as little as the cost of a coffee a day!

Ask about how we can straighten your teeth today.