Dr. Eleni Katsaromitsos

Principle Dentist, Practice Owner of Earlwood Dental Care

Dr Eleni Katsaromitsos graduated from Sydney University and has experience in both public and private dentistry. Dr Eleni enjoys all aspects of her work, especially with children and the elderly. She is fluent in Greek, and aims to dispel the myth that dentistry is scary and painful.
Dr Eleni also provides skin rejuvenation treatments as she strongly believes that a beautiful smile involves more than just beautiful teeth.
Outside of work, Eleni enjoys spending time with her family.

Samra Suljovic

Oral Health Therapist

Meet Samra, our passionate and nurturing oral health therapist committed to delivering exceptional care, especially for our younger patients. Armed with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Sydney, Samra’s expertise and dedication shine through in her approach to dental care.

Samra’s role extends beyond routine care for both children and adults. Her meticulous examinations and diagnoses of dental decay and gum diseases ensure comprehensive treatment plans. She excels in identifying the need for orthodontic treatments and extensive interventions while maintaining a keen focus on airway issues and functionality.

Working in tandem with our dentist, Samra ensures seamless collaboration and holistic treatment approaches. Her exceptional dedication to children goes above and beyond, creating enjoyable and comfortable dental experiences for our youngest visitors.

Dmitry Lyons

Oral Health Therapist

Dmitry Lyons, a highly skilled Oral Health Therapist (OHT) with over 14 years of experience, combines a comprehensive education from the University of Sydney and overseas studies in Dentistry in Russia. Specializing in diagnostics, preventative dentistry, children’s dentistry, periodontology, and minimally invasive dentistry, Dmitry is the go-to professional for various dental services.

His expertise extends to teeth whitening, mouthguards, and splints, showcasing a commitment to enhancing smiles and overall dental wellness. Dedicated to continuous learning, Dmitry stays at the forefront of dental advancements, ensuring the highest quality patient care. Known for his empathetic approach and fluency in Russian, Dmitry provides personalized care for a diverse range of patients.

Beyond his professional life, he is a devoted family man and an active individual who enjoys travel, snowboarding, and a healthy lifestyle. Dmitry Lyons embodies dedication and compassion as an ideal choice for exceptional dental care and a warm, patient-centered experience.

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