We believe in providing dentistry for all members of the family.

At Earlwood Dental Care, we provide everything from protective seals in our child patients to dentures for the older members of the family, and of course, everything in between. We have a strong focus on preventative and early intervention dentistry, as a means of solving dental issues before they become a more painful and costly scenario. We live by our motto of “Healthy teeth. Happy smiles”

We are happy to announce we now have an Oral Health Therapist at Earlwood Dental Care.

What this means is that we now have a dedicated professional focusing solely on your oral hygiene, your gums and ways to improve your oral health. You will find our Oral Health Therapist will spend much longer with you to provide a much more personalised experience. Once you have seen our Oral Health Therapist you will be put on an Oral Hygiene maintenance program. Depending on your needs, you will meet with our oral health therapist every three or six months.

During these appointments our OHT will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, provide fluoride treatment and analyse your risk of gingivitis and oral diseases. Depending on what the OHT sees and decides during the appointment, the dentist may also come in and see you.

Often at the recommendation of the therapist, the dentist may have to perform procedures like root canals, dental crowns, orthodontic treatment and much more at a subsequent appointment.

At Earlwood Dental Care our Healthcare professionals work together as a team to provide you with the most complete and thorough care possible.

If you haven’t already met our Oral Health Therapist, or if you haven’t seen any dentist in some time – book in today and let us take care of your oral healthcare needs.